Moody Monday: It’s Cold But You Can Look Haute

It’s hard enough getting out from under the covers when it begins getting cold, but putting effort in your beauty and style routine is even tougher. Why? Because wearing heels in icy weather is dangerous, hat hair definately is a thing, and layering to the point where you look like the kid in a Christmas Story movie with a runny nose doesn’t exactly make you feel sexy.

We’re not saying you should look like you just rolled out of a hay stack, but we know the struggle is real when it comes to winter. Luckily, we have some inspiration for all of us suffering from Seasonal Fashion Disorder.

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There are people on this planet who know how to stay haute, even when it’s freezing. We rounded up our favorites with some tips, so we can beat this winter Monday blues. Check them out below.

Repurposing your distressed jeans in winter isn’t always easy. In order to keep your stems warm, wear a long coat or duster like in the photo above. Hey, sometimes fashion means sacrafice.

Bulking up is uncomfortable. Take cues from this fashionista above! A blanket scarf goes a long way and it covers much more than your typical scarf, keeping you warmer without more layers under your jacket.

If you live in a chilly climate, you’re going to be wearing a coat the majority of the year. The best style tip for the season? Splurge on a high quality coat. Not only will a luxurious coat keep you warmer than a cheaper version, but it’ll also last for years.

Don’t put those maxi dresses away yet. The piece is perfect for keeping cozy during the chill. Wear with booties that cover your ankles and a heavy coat like the woman above, and you’ll look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine – and not a blizzard.

This year’s rage has been all about the underlays. Now’s the time to put a turtleneck basically under … anything! Tanks tops, rompers, dresses … the list goes on and on. You’ll look just as trendy as you are snug.