Motocross Pants: Look Athletic, But Make It Fashion

There’s a new trend in town, and if you get on it early, you won’t look like a total IG style poser – we’re talking motocross pants.

This upcoming season, motocross pants are coming back strong. Whether they’re comfy af leisure sports slacks from your favorite designer, or actual sports pants, the look is everywhere. Oh, and the bolder the color – the better.

We first saw the trend come to life during the major fashion shows. These included Fenty Puma, Tommy Hilfiger and Off-White. But now, the moto style has gained full throttle in the pants department.

Throw on a basic form fitting top or a cropped sweatshirt with the trousers, and you’re set to go. Let the pants do the talking (okay, you know what we mean). Dress them up with heels for a long sexy and sporty vibe. You can also keep it relaxed with your fav sneakers. Did we mention they’re always our go-to when we need a really sick IG photo?

If you love to stay up on trends or be a style icon, this is one for you. People will be blown away by how chic you can make the casual attire look. If you’re broke AF and can’t shift into full gear due to your wallet, we got you. Simply head to your local thrift store or Poshmark. Once there, see what type of sporty brands are available. Trust us, we’ve never hit a thrift store and haven’t seen a Nascar or motosport memoir. Luckily, this year, it just so happens to be dope. From casual to dressy, the look is taking first place on the fashion track.

We rounded up our favorite inspo from influencers, so you can get ahead of the game and try out the look now.