Mule-ing Around: The Best Wedge Summer Mules

We’ll be the first to admit, we have some mixed feelings on a pair of wedge mules.

However the more we looked at them, the more we love their edgy, 90s, Carrie Bradshaw-flashback feel. The shoes instantly and literally elevates your outfit to another level, and if styled correctly, can even be the focal point of your outfit.

The shoe has made such a comeback, that Steve Madden has brought back those memorable black, platform mule. They’re minimialistic and have us flashbacking to the glory days of slipping them on with our jeans skirt and running out the door. The Slinky shoes are slightly different in 2018, with a smoother and rounder finish, and a flatter surface than before. They’re available now for $49.99, making for the perfect accessory for your #ootd.

If you’re still warming up to the idea of the kicks, know that models rocked them all over the famous runways. They’ve taken over high fashion designers shoe boxes, and can be found in our favorite budget-friendly retail stores, as well. Not only are they the must-have shoe of the summer, but they also come in different colors, styles, and textures.
 We love that they give you extra height, elongating your stems, and are the perfect alternative for when you don’t feel like killing your feet in heels. Whether you are wearing jeans or a skirt, there are a pair for every look.
So what’s the best way to pull off the trend? We rounded up some of our favorite inspo photos of the kicks so they can pave the way for your own look. Check them out below.