Mwah! The Best Lipstick For Your Eye Color

>When it comes to lipstick, one size does not fit all. And when you add the fact that lipstick comes in pretty much every color, finish and price point, it can be hard to find the one that works best for you. Not to mention, it can be overwhelming. While eye color might not be the first thing you think of when buying a new lippy, it should be something towards the top of your list. Check out our guide to finding the best lip hue to enhance your eyes.

The best lipstick for brown eyes

Purples bring out the earthy beauty of brown eyes. Often, women with brown eyes will wear purple eyeshadow to achieve this effect. But wearing purple lipstick paired with a neutral eye look can really make your brown eyes pop. Try a magenta lipstick like this one from Maybelline’s matte collection.

Alternatively, if you plan on bringing out your brown eyes with some purple eyeshadow, try going for a pale lip to balance out the look. This NARS mauve-nude hybrid is a great choice, because it leans towards purple in a very subtle way. The overall effect is a nude lip, but by having that tiny hint of purple, it pulls the look together.

The best lipstick for green eyes

Not only are green eyes a rare eye color, green-eyed ladies have the ability to pull of lipstick shades that may be a little difficult for those with other eye colors. For instance, orange-based lipsticks work surprisingly well with green eyes. This shade from Revlon is an orange that is subtle enough for daily wear, but with warm undertones strong enough to bring out the bright notes of green eyes.

Because green eyes are so intense on their own, they can stand up to bright colors. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a bright pink like this Jem and the Holograms-inspired shade from Sephora. Not only is it a fabulous eighties throwback, it’s also very now and a great lip look for green eyes.

The best lipstick for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are eyes that typically contain a combination of brown and green hues in the iris. Sometimes there can be flecks of gold and red in hazel eyes as well. Since these are all warm tones, warm-toned lipsticks are a good fit for those with hazel eyes.

Hazel eyed ladies have the distinction of being able to pull off beige lipstick. As with other eye colors, it’s important to keep your skin tone in mind with choosing a lipstick. But if the skin tone works, beige is ideal for hazel eyes, because it allows the natural vibrancy of hazel to steal the show. This beige by Bobbi Brown is a great option because it has a subtle hint of pink, which makes it extra wearable.

The best lipstick for blue eyes

As with the other eye colors, red is a go-to staple for blue eyes. Just be sure to keep it in the right color family for both your eyes and your skin tone. For a more daytime-friendly option, muted pinks, like this understated NARS find, are great for playing up blue eyes.

The best lipstick for grey eyes

A beige that matches your skin’s undertone is a great office-friendly look for grey eyes. But if you’re looking for something more daring, try plum. Plum and grey play great together. Go for something cool-toned like like this vivid shade from Smashbox. It will make your grey eyes stand out.

By Jen Miller: Contributor for WhatRUWearing