These New Converse Shoes Are About To Be The Next Hottest Kicks

New Converse shoes? Um, what? No, we are serious. Instagram influencers every where are sporting the kicks, which we didn’t know were Converse, until we exhaustively Googled for the shoes we saw in the photos and finally found them. We were just as surprised as you. 

Converse got a hot makeover, and they will soon be on all the celebrities feet. So, what’s so new about the kicks? For one, the flat and long style that signature Converse have is long gone. New Converse styles now have a platform and are much more on trend and bulkier, making all our t-shirt dresses, shorts and skinny jeans happy.

There are multiple versions, including ones with a dash of color on the heels, stars and shapes, and a classic black and white. Stores all over are picking them up including hot brands like ASOS, Saks Fifth Avenue, Urban Outfitters and more. It doesn’t matter if you want to wear them with a fancy dress or a pair of culottes. Either way your #ootd will look dope AF.

And, what’s another look we can’t get enough of that would pair perfect with these? Sneakers with dresses, obvs!

These new Converse give our frocks a new look and create a major athleleisure Paris-girl-approved style we currently can’t get enough of. We saw the getup on the runways of major fashion designers, as well as some of the biggest celebs. Slipping on a pair of sneaks makes you instantly go from basic b**ch to chic babe.

The best part of pairing Converse with dresses is one has endless opportunities to pull from your closet. From maxi and midi to mini and skater, there’s not a style that can’t be pulled off. Additionally, we especially love the trend if you live in the city.  That’s because you can finally ditch all your Ubers and walk since you’re not in sky high heels (which also means you can totally put more money towards rose).

So, are you ready for some inspo for the new Converse look? Check it out below – and don’t forget to tag us on IG @whatruwearing to share your sneaker and dress combo!