New Year, Same Hangover: Here’s How To Try To Avoid Feeling Like Sh*t After Drinking

Ugh, we’ve all been there.

Lying across the living room couch, regretting every action we took the night before.  The truth is that if your drinking goes far enough, there’s no hope for avoiding the hangover. However, it is possible to pace yourself and take some preventative measures (we know, sounds crazy, right?) that allow you to still have a great time without sacrificing the next day.

WTF is going on inside our body during a hangover? 

Hangovers often come with gastrointestinal issues like stomach aches and other sucky symptoms. These can vary widely and seem to have to do with how a person’s body reacts to a given drink . For example, lots of beer tends to cause these issues more than vodka, because beer contains more pro-inflammatory compounds than vodka does. The fatigue and even depression we experience is widely considered the worst part, however. Seriously, is there anything worse than the hangover anxiety?! These symptoms seem to be caused by a byproduct of alcohol metabolism called acetaldehyde – in other words it is extremely hard on your body. Other hangover-causing variables include level of hydration and sleep deprivation.

Know Your Body

A great way to limit hangovers is to take note of which drinks affect you the most. Everybody is different and will have an easier time handling some vs. others. For example, microbrew beer can often contain higher levels of more volatile alcohols than distilled spirits.  However, some people report an inverse relationship. This could be because the carbohydrates that exist in the beer are quickly used by their body to start processing the alcohol more quickly. So basically what we’re saying is you better remember what you drink the night before the next time you have the worst hangover, or prepare for doom again.

Give Your Body the Tools it Needs

Aside from avoiding alcohol altogether (who wants that?), arming your body with the compounds it needs to process alcohol is the best preventative measure you can take. You can take supplements or you can purchase the ingredients in a single product like those offered by Intelligent Drinking (shop here).

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The art of pacing yourself can go a very long way (k, but who really does that). This requires a bit of discipline, however it can actually lead to a more enjoyable night out. Tell yourself you have to have 1 glass of water between every alcoholic beverage (but warning, you will have to hit the bathroom a lot). This will serve to fill your stomach and dilute the alcohol. It will also effectively cut your alcohol consumption in half over the course of an evening. The best part is that it scratches the habitual itch to sip on something while enjoying friends.

If you’re planning to go hard , prepping with supplements is a must. Eating a full meal before starting to drink is also helpful – if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, we just don’t buy it from our own experience. Ultimately, having the discipline to make good decisions about what your drinking and how much is your first line of defense. Of course, discipline and alcohol aren’t very good at coexisting so thankfully supplements exist in order for us to keep on going strong.