New York Fashion Week Street Style Says This Is The “It” Color

New York Fashion Week street style is everything. It tells us what’s going to be the next big thing for the season. But this time around, we were a little surprised. Or maybe we shouldn’t be, considering Kanye West hinted to it a couple weeks back. That’s right, puke green is the next big thing, but we def aren’t getting sick with it.

Move over sizzling red. The color is all over the streets during New York Fashion Week. As a result, it’s already popping up all over retail stores. From dresses and tops, to skirts and kicks, we are seeing it hit every piece possible. In fact,

When we say green, we don’t mean just a little bit. Major influencers hitting the big event (NYFW), are all being caught by major magazines and publications wearing the color from head to toe.

Trend forecasting service WGSN revealed a pastel shade of green, named “neo mint.” They claim it will take over both fashion and interior in 2020.

According WGSN, neo mint is a gender-neutral color with “an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature”.

WGSN‘s team did big research that included observing street fashion, data, current affairs and social media.

“What is becoming clear is the importance of neo mint – a shade that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature,” WGSN’s director Jane Monnington Boddy told Dezeen.

The trend is the perfect way to liven up our low-key and black dominant wardrobe. Know it’s a look and trend that draws attention, but for all the right reasons But how do you wear it without looking like you just got vomited on or without looking like a piece of gum? Take style cues from some of the biggest fashionistas right from NYFW street style.

Think puke and slime green is just too extra for you? Think again! The color is anything but gross. It’s adventurous and flirty. If it’s too daring for you, you can easily tone it down.

Whether you go for a girly look while wearing the scheme or tom boy – you can’t go wrong.

Check out some of our fav New York Fashion Week street style looks below, and hit the stores now to reload your green wardrobe.

(All photos from WWD)