This New Zara Ad Is Ticking Off The World: PICS

Have you ever had to take a double look at an ad? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening with Zara’s latest campaign, which featured an image with the quote “Love your curves.”

At first, you may read the quote and think the famous clothing brand is sending a positive message. So why are they under fire? The poster contains the words next to two extremely thin models in jeans, leaving everyone who has seen it confused.

We embrace every size and shape of woman, but this did leave us saying … what? It’s assumed that the advertisement is showcasing their line, Body Curve denim, which threw many in a literal curve ball.

While the sign has been up at stores for a month, it went viral across the internet after Muireann O’Connell, a radio host, posted a photo on Twitter with the caption, ““You have got to be s——- me, Zara,” causing it to instantly go viral and gain a ton of retweets.

Wanting to clarify that the bodies of the models were not the issue, she added, “Can i just say, this is nothing to with the models. It’s the marketeers that have distorted their image & f—– up.”

“women and men of all ages&sizes have serious eating disorders because of idealised images that are impossible to achieve,” O’Connell went on. “this is one such image. Subliminally, most looking at that will feel like a piece of crap because they don’t look like it.”

The statements also caused heated discussions, many defending that thin women can have curves, and are also body shamed for being to skinny.

This isn’t the first time Zara, a Spanish company, has been caught in hot water. This past year the brand was accused of stealing designs from an artist, insisting they were their own creations. Back in 2014, they created a children’s shirt that was striped with a yellow star, looking freakishly like a concentration camp uniform. While we don’t know if their most recent “oops”  was done on purpose or to turn heads, we know Zara isn’t hurting in sales, valuing at over $10.7 billion.