Nicki Minaj Shocks For Paper Magazine: See The Best Nicki Minaj Covers & Spreads Of All Time

Nicki Minaj isn’t slowing down any time soon – and her “Break the Internet”  proves just that.

Unless you’re living under an internet and social media rock, you have most likely seen Nicki Minaj’s latest cover with Paper magazine. The cover shows off three Nickis and reads “Minaj À Trois,” obviously. Nicki numero 1 is in a chair with sparkly boots and pasties, Nicki number 2 is a glamorous and luxurious version in a cut out dress, and Nicki three may be the most rebellious – she’s between Nicki number 2’s legs with her tongue out.


But this isn’t the first time Nicki has shot an awesome beyond awesome covers or spread. We rounded up some of our favorites so you can decide for yourself if her latest should “break the internet.” In fact, some of them are so tame, you may not even recognize the singer!


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