Nude Selfies: Should You Take One, And How?

Let’s be real here – the Snapchat owners or government have totally seen nude selfies in our phone, whether we have sent them or not. Hey, we have Kim Kardashian to blame, right?

The bottom line is in 2018, nude selfies are real. While it’s not super taboo, you might be blushing and asking yourself if you should send one to that certain someone. The answer is do you! If you are confident and empowering the nudeness, then the answer is hell, yes. If it makes you worry and concerned, ain’t no shame in keeping it an in person deal. But, who says they have to be to someone, any ways.

There’s also the creative way to take nudes – which are hitting IG by storm. You know, the ones with the tops half off and “x” on the nips? Or having your body dabbed in paint on it’s most secret areas. Nudes don’t have to be to turn someone on. They can be to kick butt and show off your body in a positive way.

How do you take the best selfie nudes – no matter what the reasoning is? Use our tips below.

Good or dark lighting
Having good lighting is crucial. We love a good ring light which are great for many occasions, including holding your cell and giving you the dopest lighting. On the other hand, dark photos are artsy af and create a cool vibe. Just make sure it’s not mediocre and looking like a soft porno from the 80s is all we are trying to say.

Don’t show your face
The reality is you never know where these could end up and who is on your server watching and hacking. You never know what could blow up in your face, so trust us, take the road less traveled and never show your face.

Ask a friend
Before posting or sending, ask a friend who you trust! Everyone has that one friend who will be honest and additionally won’t judge you for asking how it looks.

Throw creativity in it
No, we don’t mean get weird with your pose or show the receiver that you can bend over backwards all while smiling. We mean throw meaning into it. Add a cool light vibe. Edit it with graphics on Photoshop or an app. A nude selfie is art! So make it, art!

Watch your surroundings
There’s nothing worse than seeing those photos on the internet of someone’s little sister or brother in the back of their selfie and the photographer having NO clue. Or, what about having a dirty sock when you’re trying to be sexy AF? Check your surrounding before you wreck yourself.

Make some bubbles
If you taking a photo is not your thing or you’re simply out of ideas, get in the tub! Simply fill it up with a nice relaxing bubble bath and take a photo of your legs or your body covered in bubbles. Leaving some to the imagination when they know your naked is just as sexy as full frontal nudity. Plus, you get a spa night to yourself as an excuse for a photo – what more do you need?

The bottom line is do what you want when it comes to nude selfies. Make it sexual, or make it art! Your body is your choice.

(all photos from Filthy Mouth Creative Agency)