Okay, But Seriously UGG, WTF Are These Fluff Momma Clogs?

We’ll be the first to admit we love a pair of snuggly UGGS, in fact, we basically need them to survive in our places during Chicago’s cold weather. But they recently released this new pair, and we just can’t get down with it.

It’s name is Fluff Momma Mongoalian Clogs, but we see nothing fluff about it. Is it a toupee? Is it a mop? Is it a bunch of yarn? Is it a wig? A load of hair extensions after a good night out? No, it’s a shoe and it’s totally meant to be worn on your feet and they cost you about 15 Uber rides – $150. We had to take a look further into this, and what we found was not what we thought.

Reviews included:

“Perfect if you like $150 flat non cushiony slippers with a tight band across the top of your foot.”

“These are so much fun but it your live a walk outside/ parking lot/no drop off at the front door/hardwood or tile floors/ everyday lifestyle these aren’t for you. I love how fluffy they are but the hair is so long it picks up dust and get caught on every stray object. Keep in mind before buying. In terms of size I normally do a 7 or 8 in ugg boots but for the slippers I go up a size (9) because they are narrow (I have a semi wide foot).”

“Besides being soft, fluffy, and warm, these slippers are very cool looking. The pile of fur on the top makes your feet look like you’re wearing clown shoes. What could be more fun?”

“I love how these look and feel, however…I bought them because I’m super pregnant and my feet are killing me but I found that I kept stepping on the excess fur and tripping. Didn’t feel safe so I returned them.” 

“Fit as expected. However for the price i expected them to be more comfortable like some of the other UGG slippers. They are comfortable, but just not as soft and nice as I would have expected. Also, when arrived, the fur was not as in the picture. I think it is due to being matted down in the package but not sure it will look as fluffy as it does in the photos. I am going to keep them but if I had tried them on the store, I may have picked another pair for a lesser price.”

“Fab. I love these slippers!!”

Okay – can we back up one second. Clown shoes are cool and fun?! The hair is so long it picks up dust – well, obvs! It’s basically a mop on your foot, so it would probably be great at cleaning. This is just a little too extra for us, and believe us, we’re ALL about being extra. Would you wear these?