Olsen Twins Come Out Of Hiding & Are Bridesmaids: PHOTOS

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are two of the most mysterious celebs we know – but thanks to a friend getting married, we finally spotted them actually doing something with friends.

Over the past weekend, the two were in friend Cassie Coane’s wedding. We have no idea who Cassie is, how the Olsens know her so well, or what her inspo was behind her wedding – but it’s all good because MK&A finally made an appearance and photos were taken! The twins were two of her 18 bridesmaids (we don’t even know if we like 18 people…) and wore mismatching floral dresses.

Even off the red carpet and as a bridesmaid, the two keep to their personal style. It appears Ashley wore a black dress (this shouldn’t really surprise anyone) with giant sleeves, while Mary-Kate wore a flower crown and a kimono – floral, satin frock. They were the only two who did not wear a long dress – we have no idea if the bride approved of these or not, but it doesn’t matter, because who can tell MK&A no?

They seem to look happy for their friend, but then again, when can we ever really read the Olsen twins’ expression since their “It Takes Two” days and when resting bi*tch face took over? Check out the photos below and rejoice, because it turns out they are real people and just like us, have to do bff duties like clap at the bride on the stairs of a white house all for the thrill of a good Instagram photo.



When the bride says wear floral, you wear floral. ✌?? #mrandmrsflames

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