OMG: Kim Kardashian Is Coming Out With This Makeup And Our Editors Are All Over It

Kim Kardashian announced she’s not done with her KKW Beauty ? ? ?.

The KUWTK star made us all go psycho, counting down the minutes to get her highlighting and contouring sticks, causing the world to break the internet and getting $14 million in ten minutes. The things we do for makeup, is literally INSANE!

But get ready for round two, because Kim announced she’s dropping a contouring and highlighting powder kit. (OMG! This time around, we’ll probably each grab three …)

She revealed the news on Snapchat, showing off three contouring and highlighting kits for different skin tones, as well as a dual-ended blending brush. She has yet to announce when, pricing or the name of her shades. She may be busy cleaning up some PR after defending Jeffree Star, who has made racist comments in his past.


“I don’t want to give away too much, but we have a concealer kit coming out in the future,” she told “We’re doing anti-aging components in the products and really partnering skincare with makeup.”

Stay tuned with WRUW to find out the launch date of these items!