OMG: Sex And The City Writer Finally Explains How Carrie Bradshaw Can Afford All Her Sh*t!

It’s no lie Carrie Bradshaw was boujee AF, but the real question is – how!? 15 years later, after the $25 cocktails, nice apartment (that she some how got from her BFF), glamorous fashion and holy expensive restaurants, writer Amy Harris is explaining how she lived the flawless and rich life she did.

In case you missed it – long story short – Aiden was a f#*#boy and told Carrie after their breakup she only had 30 days to put a down payment on their place or he would sell it. Carrie did everything she could and got help from her friends (because she had basically zero in her bank account) – all but Charlotte. She then scolded Charlotte, who in the end – bailed her out – because obvs – it’s Char afterall!

But people weren’t happy with this – in fact,  a  viewer did the math and concluded that, in Season 1 of the show, Carrie “made approximately $15,400” and “spent an estimated $21,216.”

“If people were pissed and hated that Carrie did that, I’m OK with that,” the writer-producer told CNBC Make It, about how Carrie  accepted her divorced besties engagement ring as a down payment. “Sarah Jessica and I talked about this: We believe [Carrie] paid [Charlotte] back. It was a loan, not a gift, so she did have to learn to save a little, to not spend everything on shoes and clothes.”


“In my mind, she had to acknowledge all the shit choices she’d made and the fact that she hadn’t saved a penny and that was a big mistake, and so she was living with that,” Harris said. “Carrie learned a lesson. I do believe she sat down every month and wrote Charlotte a check.”

“People are funny about money,” said Harris, who said that even the writers weren’t happy about narrowing it down this way. “The biggest fight we ever got into in the writers’ room was about the money; that was a very big debate. Money is a tricky, complicated thing. Carrie spent it well on things she enjoyed, and luckily it all worked out well for her–I love happy endings.”

Doesn’t sound like much was answered besides Carrie was lucky AF and never had any serious medical money emgerncies, and continues to be one of the most idolized characters of the world.