We Found The One Beauty Product Every Traveling Girl Needs

When you’re constantly traveling, it’s easy to forget you need to give your skin a little more TLC. Flying easily dries out your skin, and vacay food can wreak havoc on your skin. If you want to return home just as beautiful as you were the day you left, you’re going to need a secret weapon.

From bachelorette parties and long distance work days, to weddings and summer vacations, there’s been one small but mighty product that has saved me from all beauty turmoil. First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist instantly becomes your best travel companion. If you’re going to a dry and windy climate, or are on a plane and need a refresher, it can quench and hydrate your skin with just a few sprays. It also helps with oiliness and acne, so you can keep your complexion in check.

So how does it work its magic? It uses vitamins as well as witch hazel extract to destroy oil and blemishes, while adding moisture at the same time. After eating nachos and greasy hamburgers and being in a pool all weekend, it was amazing how rejuvanted I looked after using it. It was best for days I didn’t get enough h20 in my system or inadequate sleep. Not only does it revive your skin, but it also is perfect for spritzing over my makeup as a setting spray.

Oh yeah, did I mention it has the most amazing smell, ever? The scent alone is one that’ll wake you right up. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me up from your every day 9-5, or if you’re like me, and need something to give you some assistance while on-the-go, you’ll love the glow this spray gives you! Click here to shop it now.

Staci Wuokko, WRUW Fashion Editor-In-Chief