Orange Is The New Black: See This Season’s Hottest Makeup Color

We thought we would never see the day, but we were wrong. Orange has replaced our nude and boring makeup palettes, surprisingly creating a glamorous look.

Celebrities have already been trying out the trend, which looks amazing on all skin and eye colors. It brightens baby blues, and makes dark eyes even richer. It’s as bold as it is delicate. It’s just enough to give a stunning glow, but not too much where you look like a clown. Don’t believe us? Kylie Jenner loves using peach, making lipsticks and palettes for her brand in the hue, and Emily Ratajkowski walked the red carpet in the fiery shade.

How exactly do you pull off this look? The trick is to keep it simple, and go with a creamy tangerine. Make sure it is not a neon-like shade, or you will look like you are going to rave and not out to dinner. Dive slowly in by wearing a lipstick with your every day shadow, or go full blown orange by adding it on your cheeks, lips and eyelids. 

To create a fiery lid, blend the orange with a fluffy brush. You can either keep the entire tangerine, or add copper to the lid and orange on the crease for a bold look. For cheeks, you can find a a coral shade, or use the same shadow you did on your eye to give you a glow. Be sure to blend, blend, blend!

We rounded up our favorite peachy looks, so you can get inspired. Orange you glad? Check them out below.