Our Favorite Weekend Brunch Instagrams

We’ve made it to another Friday and if you’re anything like us, you anticipate the weekend because weekend’s were made for brunching. To the untrained eater, brunch may seem like just another meal. But, to true brunch enthusiasts, it’s so much more. The most exciting aspect of brunch, outside of any specials you may catch, is that it’s only available on the weekend! Meaning, you have all of two days to do it. Many restaurants also end brunch between 1 pm-3 pm, which means, if you’re going to do it – you only have so much time to do it right. Most importantly, brunch gives you a reason to sit around with your #squad for hours on end to eat, gossip, recap the previous night, snapchat (if you don’t snap your brunch, did it even happen?!)  AND drink as much (or as little, we don’t judge) as you want, until you physically cannot drink anymore (shoutout to the bottomless specials). To get you in the mood for this weekend’s brunch shenanigans, we’ve compiled some of our favorite snapshots from a number of different Instagram’s. Amateurs, take note: this is how you properly “do” brunch.