Own The Night: Slytherin Back To School Party Edition

Photo Cred: Bustle

What’s black and green and drips old money all over? It’s the Slytherin House of course, and on this week’s edition of our Harry Potter themed back to school guide, we’re partying at the Slytherin House. Based off of our logic fantasy, we believe that Slytherin hosted all the best parties and the “Room of Requirement,” was used solely to throw parties that prefects couldn’t find. Having a place to show off your new dress and heels is a need right? Oh and if this is ever an excuse to raid your mother’s closet for her fur coat, then this would be it — just be sure to ask nicely! Go to the jump to see what outfit we’ve pulled together for all of you dark souled night owls. 

With an exclusivity factor that rivaled Gossip Girl’s fictional Constance Billard School for Girls and the St. Jude’s School for Boys, pretty much all of Slytherin’s students were from long standing witch families that went back many generations. We’re thinking there must have been some pretty serious family jewelry floating around those halls. There’s just something about a house that rocks black and green and whose school emblem is represented by a snake that is extremely badass.

If you identify with Slytherin then it’s likely most comfortable during the fall and winter seasons. With the weather getting colder, and the days getting shorter, night owls like you can take advantage of your all-black-all-the-time aesthetic where layering is a must and designer goods include Alexander Mcqueen, Balmain, and Alexander Wang. With fall and winter, come holiday parties that provide perfect opportunities to layer up in knee high boots, velvet dresses or tassels, metallic lace slips, and eyeliner so sharp that Taylor Momsen (the girl who played the not-so-naive Jenny Humphrey), from The Pretty Reckless, would be proud. At WhatRUWearing, we strongly believe that you don’t have to come from money to look like wealth, as seen in our most recent “looks for less” series and the outfit below! 

Topshop Sequin Slip Tunic Dress – $140 With just enough green shimmer, almost like that of Slytherin’s house

Yoins Black Suede Heel Over The Knee Boots – $62 If anyone can pull off knee high boots it’s confident and sexy Slytherins

MANGO Tassel Velvet Clutch – $52  According to London Fashion Week’s snapchat, tassels are back on trend

Louise et Cie Jewelry Pave Snake Drop Earrings – $25  On sale for $25 from $68, these Louise et Cie Jewelry Pave Snake Drop Earrings are a major steal

Dorm Decor Primped Out Jewelry Organizer – $35 Not much room in your dorm for a boudoir? This handy Dorm Decor Primped Out Jewelry Organizer has got you covered

GREEN Velvet Underground Slim Choker – $3.31  Representative of your House color, this green velvet choker screams modern luxury

Givenchy Liner Vinyl Liquid Eye Liner – $33 We bet that a Slytherin’s liquid eyeliner game is on point

Velour Silk Lashes Fluff’n Thick Silk Lash Collection – $26 Look no further to get your beauty “spell” for longer eyelashes.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa – $105 We bet that this perfume would be a favorite among the Dian Alley luxury shops

Moon Phase Garland – $60 Moon Phase Garlands to put up at your next dorm party(we won’t tell).