Paris Style Guide: 4 Tips To Being A Fashionable Parisian

Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show show took over Paris, but they weren’t the only ones. WRUW’s editor-and-chief also went to the fashion capital. If there’s one thing we learned from the trip, it’s that French women know how to dress. However, today’s Paris fashion probably isn’t what typically first comes to your mind. Thinking glamorous dresses, berets, and heels? It’s easy to stand out as a tourist when visiting, strictly because of your grooming and ensemble. Here are some style cues we picked up when it comes to becoming a fashionable Parisian and hiding your tourist status.

They don’t try too hard

Confidence is what really makes an outfit, and the ladies of France know how to strut their stuff. They have no problem mixing sneakers with a fur coat (which is now our favorite look), and can make even a pair of ripped tights look like an art. Unless it’s a night out, they rarely wear heels, sticking to boots, sneakers and flats. They throw on what they feel comfortable in and is practical for their day, and viola!

They keep It basic

Being a basic b*tch isn’t always such a bad thing. When you picture Paris in your head, you usually think extra fancy and elegant outfits. But we found that Parisians love keeping it natural and simple. More often than not, they don’t makeup – and believe us, their skin was glowing! When they do get pimples, they let it show.

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They keep to their natural locks and ditch the straightner and curling iron. When it comes to fashion, they go with one staple piece and glam it up. We saw many turtlenecks paired with slicked back ponytails as well as black trousers combined with anything from a sweatshirt to a blouse. Très bien!

Accessories are everything

They might have a total chill laid back look, but you can still find them carrying a super luxurious handbag. From designer sunglasses and shoes, to hats and belts, French women didn’t mind splurging on that extra something-special.

They keep it neutral

Parisians don’t wear bright popping colors. If they do, it’s usually an accessory boasting the hue. They like to stick to black – lots of black (trust us, we totally get it). Grey, khaki, navy, burgundy, brown, nude and lighter shades dominant, giving an extra oh la la style.