People Are Finally Getting That Free Red Swimsuit From IG: Here’s What It Looks Like

In May, Sunny Co Clothing promised that if you reposted their “Pamela” swimsuit on IG within a day, they’d ship you one free. Obvs that caused some viral chaos – note to all PR Girls!

346,000 shares and tags overwhelmed the social media platform, making the brand delete the promo, causing even more WTF’s. People also complained they were being charge the full $64.99 price instead of the promo cost. Um hello, was Fyre Festival not a lesson we all should have learned from!?

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After so many complaints, Sunny Co’s co-founder released a statement. “My main priority right now is to fulfill all of the orders we have received. I won’t be satisfied until we do so,” he wrote on the website. He also said anyone who paid full price would be refunded.

Believe it or not, the suits have finally reach some customers, and according to their social media, it was well worth the wait … and risk of scam.  Okay, we fully admit they are totally cute and we wish we didn’t laugh in everyone’s face who posted (we blame Fyre Festival) … Check them out below.


Sunny Co ☀️

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Red, white, and a blue sea ? #fourthofjuly #sunnyco #sunnycoclothing?☀️ @sunnycoclothing

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Sunny Co présente un maillot de bain so Pamela qui fait trembler Instagram #SunnyCo

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Got my @sunnycoclothing bikini faster than I ever thought ! #sunnyco

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Haters said it was a scam, they were wrong ???? #sunnyco #swimsuit #summer @sunnycoclothing

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