People Are Putting Purses Into Clear Purses And Calling It Fashion

Sometimes you need to be completely transparent.… at least when it comes to the hottest trend in bags this summer. Call it clear, see-through, transparent, PVS – doesn’t matter because it’s about to be all over IG and on every dope fashionista’s shoulder. The bags were spotted on all runways from Milan to London, and some brands have already instantly sold out.

But for 2018, the clear purse is getting a whole new makeover. The latest and greatest idea is to place a gorgeous bag, clutch or wallet inside another clear bag, making it art and less basic b*tch trend.

If you have zero probs of people seeing what baggage you’re carrying, then this is for you.  The accessory is ready for any night or day out, and totally grabs attention. Whether you want the look in a backpack, tote, bucket bag or tote, it comes in every shape and size, so it easily fits anyone’s style personality. We rounded up some of our favorite afforable pieces so you can grab one now.

Shein, $10

SheIn, $10

Urban Outfitters, $29.99

Shein, $18


Urban Outfitters, $29.99