PHOTO: Did This Brand Just Make A Major Photoshop Fail!?

Things are looking a little wonky with this famous brand’s latest IG post …

We’ve seen a lot of bad Photoshop fails over the years – there was a chunk missing from Victoria Backham’s thigh in China’s Vogue, a famous magazine lightened Solange’s beautiful skin, a model was missing some of her arm and her leg in a Target bikini photo, Sheseido had another foot growing out of a woman’s foot, Burberry straight up removed Emma Watson’s leg … and the list goes on and on. It seemed the fashion world caught on and began using untouched images featuring women of every shape and color with their natural looks, but then this happened …

Akira, a retail based out of Chicago, placed a photo on their Instagram that had many disturbed – it seems the photo on the right may have been touched  with an akward sway and all the way up … up .. and well, see for yourself. On right side of the photo, it shows the model with a booty, however on the right – it’s non existence – SERIOUSLY HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!??!



While it could be the angle or how she is standing, here are photos of the model on her personal Instagram for comparison:


Why anyone would Photoshop this gorgeous girl – we have NO idea??? What are you thoughts – was this Photoshopped or awkward posing – comment on our Instagram photo @WhatRUWearing

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