We Found People Who Styled Crocs Hella Amaze And Our Minds Are Blown

With all the crocs that hit the runway, we did some deep fashion thinking – could crocs ever actually be cool?

Obviously that thought quickly made us laugh and say, “hell, no.” But aren’t all crocs ugly, until Balenciaga makes them not? The fashion line revealed platform crocs on the Paris runways back in oOctober, and this month, they hit the market for pre-order. The craziest part? They sold out – instantly.  Did we mention the cost eight hundred fricking fifty dollars?! Yes, $850. They came in pink and dtoast, and gave an option of pins that can be attached.

Whoever bought these, please let us know so we can see some photos of your look!

And since the footwear seems to be making a big comeback, we searched high and low (and in between) to try to find some people who ACTUALLY made crocs look dope. We didn’t think it could happen, but we came across some astonishing results. If you’re trying to get with this trend and want to look chic and less toddler, take notes from these people we made it part of their street style  and #ootd- and did a damn good job of it, too.