PHOTOS: Princess Diana Totally Invented Kim Kardashian’s Fashion

There’s no question that anything Kim Kardashian wears – becomes fashion. But where does she get her inspo from?

It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it, or if it’s classic or outrageous – it’s going to become a trend and people are going to copy it. But if you take a look back, there was another major Bo$$ lady who had a striking similar style to Kim. Who? Princess Diana!

It sounds crazy, but hear us out. On top of becoming a woman who used her power to take charge in a more worldly action, Diana completely challenged the fashion norm. For one, she was living in a time where she was expected to always look nice and dress up. But the Princess had no problem changing things around and expressing her own self by wearing what she wanted to wear, breaking boundaries and daring to go where no one had every gone before. Seriously, as royalty, this was a huge no no, and we’re sure it drove the Queen insane. Homegirl wore sweatpants and cowboy boots and didn’t give a F.

But moving forward, Princess Diana’s bravery has continued to inspire – including Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe. We notice way too many similarities when it comes to the two’s closet. We rounded up some super similar casual Kimye looks worn by Princess Diana, so you can see for yourself the inspo behind Kim’s fashion.