Plus Size Bralette: This Famous Bralette Just Moved Into Larger Sizes

plus size bralette

We have prayed and prayed for a plus size bralette to arrive, and finally, it is here! We’re adding another fashion brand to our favorites list that already includes Good American and Fenty. We always thought bralettes would be for smaller cup sizes, but this label knows the importance of inclusion.

While every woman and man are different shapes and sizes, there’s no doubt so are our boobies! Lively, a lingerie brand, revealed their best selling bralette, Busty Bralette, in triple letters (also known as a size 3).

Can we get a huge applause to the company for hearing fashion’s cry!?

Sizes available now include 38D, 38DD, 38DDD, 40D and 40DD. We all want to wear that sexy bralette under a fall sweater no matter what our size. And now, we all can. The brand also features the piece in 32DDD to a 36DDD.

The bralette is form-fitting, holds up your assets, and is extremely soft and easy on your skin. Basically, it’s AMAZING. Another important thing the brand considered? Extra life and support, along with a wider band around your rib cage in order to maximize comfort.

Ladies in this board or apparel planning room, contact us, because we want to talk to you! You are doing amazing things and are taking the fashion and creative world into a place it’s never been.

We all want to be seen when it comes to fashion, which is why WRUW created the #ReflectMeLike campaign. You can read more about it and share your voice to the industry, here. Whether you want a plus size bralette or more people that look like you in magazines, whatever it may be. Your voice is needed.

Oh yeah, did we mention the plux size bralette or any size, won’t cost you an arm and a leg – or should we say several Uber rides? They only cost $35, which is totally acceptable for a bralette that fits so right and feels so good. Thank you Lively, for moving in the right direction!