Plus Size Thigh High Boots: Shop Them Now & Tell Designers We Need More Options!


At WRUW we demand inclusion. When we noticed that TONS of you were searching for “Plus size thigh high boots,” we knew many of you weren’t being represented. No matter what your size, thigh high boots def need to be held to multiple size standards. Some are far too big for smaller stature, and some are far too small for any size! This trend is staying around for yet another season, and EVERYONE deserves a chance to try it. Especially since this time around it has a fun and sexy update.

Thigh high boots are no longer coming in neutral, totally blah shades. Celebs are ditching their black pairs for vibrant colors like neon orange, electrifying yellow, and gorgeous bold red. Not only are the boring colors taking a backseat, but also, silky satin is replacing loads of fabrics, meaning your legs look longer and hotter than they ever have. Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic black. Black is sexy, mysterious, and looks good with every damn thing from rompers to skirts, dresses and skinny jeans.

But that’s not the only good news! They’re taking new heights and going as high as they can on your sexy thighs. Sure, it totally sucks to take off after a night of one too many shots, and you may need your BFF’s help. However, you will have at least been one of the most stylish people out on the town. But let’s get back to where to find the right size. We searched high and low for “plus size thigh high boots,” so you can enjoy your own pair and get on this trend ASAP.

We’ll be the first to say – the SEARCH WAS HARD. And, TBH, none of these are the answer to all of the issue. Many are just “wider” and not sized. But the more of us that share this article, the more designers will see the need in more sizing options.

And don’t worry – for all you adorable petite ones out there, we’ll soon run a series for you, too! Don’t forget to join WRUW’s #ReflectMeLike campaign and express what you want to see more on in the fashion and creative world.

Torrid, $89.90

Ashley Stewart, $89.50

Ashley Stewart, $69.50

Charlotte Russe, $22.49

By Staci Wuokko