Candid Creator S6, E12: Fine Artist Brandon Breaux

On this week’s episode, we catch up with fine artist and designer, Brandon Breaux, who is proficient in painting, sculpture, web, video, print, and much more. Brandon is known for being the artist behind all three of Chance the Rapper’s iconic album covers, and is recognized worldwide. Brandon takes us back to the days of his first artistic passion, how contributing to the culture has always been part of his DNA, the moment he finally had his breakthrough and his exciting, new, upcoming projects!

The first thing we will say is that there was no shortage of surprises during our conversation with the incomparable Brandon Breaux. Without pouring all the tea, we’ll tell you that we learned about his passion for dance (you’ll have to listen to find out what kind) and how music facilitated his introduction and contribution to the creative community. With the organic membership Brandon had from day 1 to the best of the Chicago creative community, opportunities to enter in the world of design, are never far behind.

We learned that as a kid, Brandon always loved to draw, and took a lot of interest in the visual aspects of design, where figurative work gave him the ability to portray people, the human condition, and tell stories through his art. Brandon told us about his drive for learning, and how taking classes developed skills that he never knew he had! You won’t be able to stay out of your feelings when you hear him about the moment he become a well-known and influential visual artist within the creative space. His story about how he collaborated with Chance the Rapper will blow you away!

To follow Brandon’s adventure, make sure to follow his instagram, and check out all of his projects on his site!