Candid Creator S6, E11: Musical Artist “ProbCause”

In this episode, we have, as described by Compose Yourself Magazine “an artist of many strokes”. Colin Grimm, or better known as Prob Cause, is a musician and has collaborated with the likes of Chance the Rapper and Griz, and is an artist who creates animated cartoons and is in the process of creating his own children’s book! Colin shared whether music or art came first, how him and EDM Dj, GRiZ, became good friends, and how “Prob Cause” came into existence.

From the moment we sit down with Colin, it is clear how passionate he is about his craft. A craft that he has been passionate about from a young age. We learn what an early love for graffiti gave him, as an artist, both positively and negatively and what he might do differently if he could go back in time. From an education perspective, Collin graduated with a degree in fine arts from the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which was the beginning of his unique ability to combine art and music the way he does today. And when asked about his past to present relationship with music, the answers might surprise you. Let’s just say Mary and Colin connected on their past love for EDM and their current love for Hip Hop. And like any true artist from Chicago, he has his own Chance the Rapper story. We loved meeting him and getting to know him during our conversation.

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