Candid Creator S6, E10: Makeup Artist, Mollie Gloss

This season has been filled with the most talented creatives, and it’s not over yet! This week, we caught up with the fabulous makeup artist, Mollie Gloss, who has paved her way in the makeup industry, one contour at a time. She’s known for using crazy and vibrant colors, as well as A LOT OF GLITTER, which we are all the way here for. She talks about her relationship with makeup, what the industry was like when she started her career, and her thoughts on the way the beauty industry has become more inclusive.

It’s clear from the moment we sit down with her that Mollie is a veteran in the makeup scene. Mollie reminisces with us about the days before the apocalypse of YouTube makeup tutorials, beauty gurus and bloggers. When the struggle was real! Finding inspiration and figuring out what your artistic aesthetic is, or could be, was not as simple as going online to see what everyone else was doing. In a time where makeup and brands are evolving to be more inclusive and diverse, we had to get Mollie’s perspective on Rihanna’s Fenty and other brands that have made it easier for women of all shades to have access to fun, high quality makeup and why the hell it took so long!?! Her answer is everything!

Despite the current status of everyone thinking they are a pro because they have 2 followers and people, in general, being able to teach themselves with tutorials, Mollie continues to evolve her skills and her brand, delivering innovative looks and face-beats like we’ve never seen before. She’s the real deal! To check out all of her gorgeous looks, follow Mollie on Instagram. And to see the full portfolio of her work, check out her website.