Candid Creator S6, E4: Artist & Singer, Tatiana Hazel

In this week’s episode, we get to talk to the multi-talented young artist and singer, Tatiana Hazel. She got her start on Youtube, amassing 70k views on a video for one of the first few songs she wrote and sang. Recently hitting Spotify’s top charts as a number one artist to look out for on the “Nuevo Noise” playlist, Tatiana walked us through how a hobby became a career, what it was like starting her musical career at such a young age, how her heritage has inspired her music, and how she has accomplished so much including developing professional relationships with Spotify and Apple Music.

The deeper we dove with her, the more we fell in love! Tatiana writes her own music and taught herself how to play guitar. From there, she started producing beats, exploring different genres of music, as well as adding an element of Latin fusion to her style. Mixing the love of her culture with her musical talents, Tatiana released her first single fully in Spanish, “No Me Encuentras”, which made big waves in the industry and, more importantly to Tatiana, with the people who love her music. She’s loving the response, and the fact that people can really connect to her music and heritage. We can’t get enough!

Check out Tatiana’s Spotify and Soundcloud to listen to her new EP, Toxic, and connect with her on Instagram so you could support her at one of her upcoming shows!