Candid Creator S6, E5: Visual Artist & Graphic Designer Maaly Williams

Coming at you with another hot one guys! This week we got the pleasure of interviewing one of our favorite people. Maaly Williams is a visual artist, graphic designer, and the producer of the podcast, “Kommon Wealth.” In this episode, we talk about what it means to be a visual artist, where his love for design came from, the lessons that he’s learned over the years, and how to stay focused when you’re working on 58,593 things at once.

Talking to Maaly, we learn that as a kid, he loved cartoons and animation and that this love was what sparked his interest in design of all kind – graphic just being one. Not really knowing what he wanted to do or what visual arts was fully made up of, Maaly decided to do it all- and well, at that! With his organic love for drawing, painting and digitalization, he became comfortable with the notion of not being boxed into any one thing- and man are we here for it!?! 

In addition to being able to successfully work as an independent artist, Maaly continues to live his best life by being involved with “After School Matters” where he teaches graphic design and visual arts to his students. We truly feel super lucky to have known him before our interview and are looking forward to seeing where life takes this artist.

Make sure to follow Maaly’s instagram where you can keep up with him and all the dope shit he puts out, check out “Kommon Wealth The Podcast”, and check out his website to hit him up for all your graphic and logo needs!