Candid Creator S6, E6: Host of WGN’s ‘Chicago’s Best TV’, Lauren Scott

Happy Friday! On this week’s episode, we sat down and interviewed Lauren Scott, host of the television show, Chicago’s Best, where she goes on the road to explore and sample Chicagoland’s best, affordable and iconic dishes. Can you say “dream job”?! Who wouldn’t want to eat at the coolest restaurants and be on TV? Lauren told us about how she got her start in broadcasting, the obstacles she had to work through to get to where she is today and what really goes into making TV.

Any idea we had going into this conversation about how glamorous the TV life might be got eliminated the moment we sat down with Lauren. During our conversation, she talks to us about the first job she got after graduating from school. As a broadcast reporter in Houston working extremely long days that didn’t stop at the weekends, in order to be competitive in her space, Lauren describes the amount of hustle she had to put into her career. She dropped facts on us like how most reporters apply to over 100 stations before even hearing anything back- and in some cases, the feedback can be ‘we already have a black female reporter’. Cringe!

But through all that, our girl grew some thick skin and it gave her the courage to move around and do that job in many different cities before realizing her passion was no longer in the tragedy that can be broadcast journalism, taking advantage of the opportunity to host Chicago’s Best during the course of this past year, making her new work day routine something for anyone to envy: hair, makeup, good food and great drinks?!? Sign us up!

To connect with Lauren and find out how to catch her on TV, check her out Lauren’s InstagramChicago’s Best airs weekly on WGN-TV Sunday nights at 10pm, and there’s also an app that fans can download where you can discover featured restaurants in your own neighborhood!