Candid Creator S6, E9: Visual Artist, Louis De Guzman

This week, we sit with the very talented visual artist, Louis De Guzman. He incorporates abstract pop art into his paintings and merges his past with his present to create work that draws inspiration from abstract expressionism and pop culture iconography. During our conversation with Louis, we learn how he pulled together his most successful (to date) exhibitions, what it feels like to design for world renowned brands and what his culture means to him during his artistic process. And not to pat ourselves on the back, but (tap, tap) Louis reveals the details of his latest project to us FIRST! #HumbleBrag.

Like most artists, Louis has always been an artist- ever since childhood. So, it was an easy decision to go to school at Columbia College to study design. It was there that opportunities stated to present themselves to Louis. A first of those opportunities, being a chance to showcase his artistry in, of all places, a barber shop. In addition to his artistry, Louis shares his love of installations with us and what building something of that magnitude means to him and what he hopes it means for the audience he is curating it for. And as if all of that was not enough, he has had the pleasure of creating for the likes of the Soho House, NBA, Just Don, Nike, and Def Jam Recordings.

We are so happy for and proud of Louis for all he has already accomplished and all that he plans to make a reality in his future. Make sure to go check out Louis’ newest work, a Vinyl Sculpture titled “Elevate”. To catch him at his next exhibition and to find out more about Louis and the artistic brand he is building, follow him on Insta, and check out his site right now!