Candid Creator Season 6: Jewelry Designer Kristopher Kites

Welcome back bitches! We are back and better than ever with the launch of season 6. We’re kicking it off with the amazing and innovative jewelry designer, Kristopher Kites, who has been shutting down the internet with his Comic-Con and Superhero inspired pieces that do a great job incorporating those nostalgic vibes that we love, oh so much.

Kristopher has gotten a lot of buzz and love from the creative community, including Vogue, for his first ever jewelry line. In our conversation with Kristopher, he reminds us of our childhoods as he walks us through where his inspiration came from for his latest collection. We learn how designing almost came 100% natural to him and how he has evolved as a designer beyond using his god given talents to learning his craft.

He gives us the run-down on how he creates the pieces, what the marketing process has been like and some insight on what it feels like togain popularity and how he is dealing with it all.

This is just the beginning for Kristopher, and we can’t wait to see what he decides to create next. He’s the real deal! To cop one of Kristopher’s pieces, check out his website, and make sure that you’re connected with him on Instagram so you’re the first to know about what’s coming next!