Candid Creator Season 6, Episode 2: Rapper and Musician Sovren

This week, we kick it with our friend, Sovren, who is a rapper and musician. He also happens to work for RSVP Gallery, one of the dopest streetwear stores in Chicago. In this episode, we get to hear his views on the rap industry, his description of his killer fashion sense, and what it’s like working at such a creative, well-known fashion boutique. Spoiler: Famous people come in all the time!

Sovren explains, initially being from Pittsburg, but now living and thriving in Chicago, what it feels like to be a part of the creative community of Chicago, which largely is made up of amazingly talented people that the world doesn’t know about yet. Being a part of this creative environment, Sovren’s music and fashion sense are unmatchable. Sovren gives us his thoughts on old hip-hop vs. new-hip hop, and explains how people forget about the sub-genres that make up rap itself. It’s unlimited! And don’t worry, we did not miss the opportunity to talk about his ‘fits. We tell him how we love the fact that he’s not afraid to merge colors of all sorts, and mix textures that make our heads turn and backs BREAK.

Check out Sovren’s Instagram to see the fits that we can’t get enough of, and follow him on SoundCloud to listen to his dope tracks, and to be the first to know about new music.