Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 06: Whitney Middleton, Stylist & Creative Director

stylist whitney middleton

As soon as Whitney Middleton learned that there was even such a thing as a job that paid you to put people in amazing clothes (thank you Rachel Zoe), she knew it was the job for her. She left her corporate job and dedicated her life to fulfilling her passion in the job she wanted. After doing some creative direction work with e-drop off full time, she decided to take the leap into being a full time, independent stylist. Now she has been to New York Fashion Week and is responsible for some of the most talked about looks from Chance the Rapper. Take a listen to some of the things Whitney still wants to learn and what is the outfit she credits with the most significant to her career and will remember forever. Then, if you haven’t already, go check out what we talked about in the studio when the mics were off on our latest episode of Behind the Scenes.

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