Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 2: Lily Duevel, Founder of Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE

If you look up “hustler” in the dictionary, you will find a photo of Lily Duevel, fearless leader and founder of both Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE. Seriously. With a full time job as an enterprise account manager at Yello, a talent acquisition software company, in addition to two companies of her own, Lily is truly a Jane of all trades who discovered the keys to combining fashion and communication, effortlessly. A natural born entrepreneur, Lily took on her first fashion venture in the sixth grade selling the gently worn Abercrombie and Hollister clothes she no longer wanted, to friends. Needless to say, “Lily’s Closet” was a big hit in her Minneapolis-based middle school. That is, until her mom found out and shut down all operations, immediately. That didn’t stop Lily though, who originally saw a career path in teaching our youth. Having observed her mother, who previously pro bono styled fashion shows for local boutiques, in exchange for free clothes, Lily quickly figured out that a career path in marketing and communications was a better fit for her. So she transferred schools, switched her major and never looked back. Since graduating, Lily has moved to Chicago (with only 5 days to do so), held a sales position at Groupon, where she was promoted every six months and ultimately helped build out the sales team, created a boutique public relations agency, and a styling service, that all started with a simple tweet. And somehow, she still finds time to Soul Cycle at the end of the day. If we didn’t already convince you, Lily is someone who you want to know and can learn from. Plug in your headphones and get inspired. And when you’re done, be sure to watch our behind the scenes episode with Lily. Her personality lit up the entire studio.

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