Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 4: Alyssa Doorhy, Founder of CoChic Styling

Alyssa has been busy in the fashion industry ever since graduating from University of Miami, Ohio. After earning her Communications Degree and working at a small ad agency for a time, the opportunity presented itself to open a fashion boutique with her family. After four years of running the store, it was time to shut it down. The inspiration for starting her personal styling company, CoChic Styling, which stands for comfortably chic, was a combination of how tough retail is and her realizing that what excited her the most about her job was helping the boutique customers put together outfits, even if it was with items from their closet at home with pieces from the store. In this week’s episode, we chat with her about this, some of the lessons she took from the boutique to her styling company and what she loves the most about styling brides to be. And because you need something else to distract you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing, check out our latest episode of Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing, capturing what happened in the studio with Alyssa when the mics were off.

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