Fast Fashion Season 2, Episode 7: Katie Schuppler- Style Consultant & Contributor

Katie is a girl after our own hearts. She is creative, organically understands the rules behind how to get dressed in the morning and, oh yeah, has a little jewelry company on the side with her husband. When we say she is creative, we really mean it. She has her own blog that is product focussed and she contributes on a regular basis for Chicago Woman’s Magazine. When we say she knows how to get dressed, she really does! She has her own styling company with clients she does at home/closet consults, shopping and look books for. In our season finale of the podcast, we chat with Katie about all of this plus how much her and her husband love to travel and how they plan on paying for their trip around the world, how she describes her personal style and how her dad is her biggest motivator. After all that, if you want to see what we talked about after the podcast was over, check out our season finale of Behind the Scenes featuring Katie.

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