Fast Fashion Season 3, Episode 1: Candid Conversations With Athena

It’s a new year and a new season for WRUW’s Fast Fashion! To kick things off, your new host Mary Melniko sat down with the WRUW crew and singer / fashion stylist, Athena, to talk about everything … and we mean, everything. From the social media world of followers and relationship drama (how do you tell a friend to move on and stop chasing someone!?), to keeping the honeymoon stage alive and taking care of yourself, WRUW gets real in the studio.

Oh yeah, did we mention Athena was on The Voice, and gave us a little taste of one of our favorite songs … what better way to end a podcast?

Don’t forget to check out our new video series capturing the look and conversation while recording the podcast by checking out our first episode of In the Studio with the WRUW squad.

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