Fast Fashion Season 3, Episode 3: Katy Lynch- Entrepreneur + Co-Founder of Codeverse

This week we publish our conversation with the beautiful Katy Lynch. Investor. Entrepreneur. Self Exclaimed Super Hero. We sat down with her a few weeks before she launched her newest venture, Codeverse, to talk all things business, female empowerment, and how we can all be prepared for the future.

She gives us all the feels as she tells us her feelings on starting businesses, what kids should be studying in school today and how she came up with her new venture, Codeverse, the world’s first fully interactive coding school and educational tech platform that teaches kids to code.

Trust us, if you ever had the thought to start your own business, you will be 100% ready after listening to our conversation with Katy. Don’t forget to watch our In the Studio episode, and make sure to keep up with her on LinkedIn and Instagram for all the things she is up to now, and in the future.

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