Fast Fashion Season 3: Episode 5, Former Ms Illinois Marisa Buchheit

This week we talk to the 2014 Ms. Illinois about her pageant career, how she got started and what she is doing now. This girl is so unstoppable we have to tip our hat crown, to her. She went from being the shiest girl in the room to standing on stage, competing against other ladies and becoming a professional opera singer- but most importantly, not taking herself too seriously!


Marisa’s recent performances include recitals and fully staged operas in the United States, Italy, France, Austria, and Thailand.  And of course, she looks amazing while doing it all (seriously, you should see the dresses she gets to wear!).


Marisa Buchheit expresses her love for the purity of her genre and why she thinks it will never die out- and she sold us! For news on shows to catch Marisa in and to stay caught up on what she doing, make sure to check out her website and and follower on Twitter or Instagram!
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