Fast Fashion Season 4: Episode 1, Fashion Designer Sheila Rashid

Welcome to season 4 of Fast Fashion: The Podcast from WhatRUWearing! To kick it all off, we interviewed 29-year old designer Sheila Rashid – who, most famously, is the creative brain behind those cute as hell overalls that are now synonomous with Chance the Rapper’s overall brand! (See what we did there?!?) We all saw the video of Beyonce touching them while giving him a hug back stage at the VMA’s last year. And we can guarantee you that we freaked out just as much as he did! As if that wasn’t enough, Sheila Rashid has the likes of Zendaya, Mick Jenkins, and many more obsessed with her designs.

When we had the privilege of sitting down with this amazing chic a couple of weeks ago, we talked about her roots in the design industry, Chicago’s DOPE fashion scene, and her love for street wear and denim. Her designs have evolved immensely since she decided to leave Columbia University before graduating, taking her own path while using Chicago as her inspiration, and incorporating an “androgynous” aesthetic into her unisex clothing brand. Sheila told us what makes her brand unique and dished how hand-made clothing goes a long way to keep a brand exclusive, organic, and authentic.

Make sure to check out Sheila’s famous designs on her website, and follow her on Instagram & Twitter. She is literally blowing up and we feel so lucky to now be able to call her a friend. f you want to dig even deeper into who she is and her inspiration, check out her feature on MILK.XYZ’s Gender Diaries where she discusses her relationship with gender and how it intersects with her relationship with the fashion industry.

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