Fast Fashion Season 4: Episode 2, Photographer & Artist, Nathan Michael

This week, we caught up with independent photographer and founder of Low Res, Nathan Michael. We learned all about Nathan’s start in the photography industry, what drove him to build a business around his love for taking pictures and art, the impressive clients his company works with, and his thoughts on smart social media for brands as they grow.

Nathan shared a little about his personal life, and explained what being a small town boy raised in Saginaw, Texas, means to him. Before he settled in Chicago, Nathan was able to move around a lot – and we mean, A LOT. After successfully co-founding Popular Pays, Nathan realized that he missed creating and building a community around a brand. He went on to build what is now today, Low Res. Low Res (pronounced Low-REZ), serves as a visual content agency, event space, and hub for creative minded people. Click here to go behind the scenes with Nathan and WRUW.

Did we mention that Nathan has a podcast as well?! The Creative Muscle is a “podcast for the creative in all of us”, with episodes that debunk the myth that creativity is just for artists.

Follow Nathan and his brand, Low Res, on Instagram and Facebook to get and stay inspired around your art and what you love creating.

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