Fast Fashion Season 4: Episode 3 Tyler Lambert

For this episode of FFP, we caught up with innovative and self-taught designer, Tyler Lambert, the man behind some of designs that the likes Kylie & Kendall Jenner can’t get enough of. Tyler dished on his thoughts regarding influencers asking for free clothes, the impact social media has on his brand, and how being a designer is a God given talent.
When we sat down, Tyler explored his feelings about his hometown of De Pere, Wisconsin, revealing where the inspiration for his designs and aesthetic stem from. Tyler had a childhood filled with creativity, inspired by the people of northeast Wisconsin. Taught by his mother, Tyler learned the basics of using a sewing machine at a young age. From there, his aspirations of becoming a designer led him to Chicago’s School of the Art Institute of Chicago, eventually deciding to leave to do his thing.
Since leaving school and building his brand, his designs are worn by the Jenner sisters and the beautiful Sofia Richie, and most recently have been sported on Bella Thorne, Tana Mongeau, Nathalie Paris, and Bebe Rhexa. We had so much fun getting to know Tyler. If you don’t already follow him, follow Tyler on Instagram to be in the loop of all the dope celebrities wearing the shit out of his clothes, and check out designs that you can rock and purchase directly from his site.

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