Fast Fashion Season 4: Episode 7, Photographer, Creativer Director, ASOS Ambassador Elizabeth De La Piedra

In this episode of FFP, we interview the wonderful Elizabeth De La Piedra, who is a photographer, creative director and, as of recently, a featured ASOS ambassador! Elizabeth’s work has been featured in top publications like Vogue and Esquire. Liz joined us to talk about her style inspirations, her love for thrift shopping (YAS), and her ideas behind her innovative photography projects.

Liz was born in Peru, and grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she picked up photography in Melbourne, and majored in documentary photography. Once school finished, Liz ventured out to the states and interned in Chicago. Not feeling inspired enough, she decided to move to New York to intern for photographers and agency masters out there. After working on her craft, Liz moved back to Chicago, where she started a family and had ADORABLE babies, and started her own practice. She discussed the difficulties of long distance in the early years with her husband, Josh Young, (one half of popular EDM duo Flosstradamus, who recently started his new project, YehMe2) but since they were both so busy with work, she wouldn’t change those tough years for anything.

Liz describes her photography as “rooted in documentary and portrature.” It’s inspired by real life experiences and humanity in general, but aesthetic wise, it’s more traditional. The photographer’s ALPHABODIES project caught major attention for “exposing the naked truth behind social taboos.” She collaborated with Lydia Neubauer, a health and wellness instructor, and featured two female dancers and tells us all about what the experience of making it was like.

Check out Liz’s website and grab yourself a copy of ALPHABODIES, and make sure to follow her on Insta’ keep up with all of her dope outfits, as well as her DEPOP account to cop some of her looks!

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