Fast Fashion Season 4: Episode 9, Singer & Contestant On The Voice, Sa’Rayah

In our latest episode of FFP, we get to chat with a special lady named Sa’Rayah who started off her singer career with a group called Chicago Catz. From there, she went on to become part of the “Top 12” contestants on the 11th season of The Voice! Sa’Rayah talks to us about being in the competitive music industry and what keeps her motivated, why she picked the celebrity judge that she did over the other who also turned around during her blind audition on The Voice, and what we can expect next from her (she got us SUPER hyped).

Sa’Rayah is from Chicago and grew up in one of the most infamous neighborhoods in the city called Cabrini Green. She grew up singing in church, and we learned that she got her first solo when she was five years old. Sa’Rayah was all things music as a child. Musical theatre, choirs, solo-ensembles, and going to countless competitions was how she spent her childhood. And as if we couldn’t love her anymore, she makes a point to point out in our interview that she’s not only limited to singing one genre. She loves singing anything from soul music (her fav’), pop, hip-hop, and even rock. She is “up for the challenge” of keeping the essence of the song while putting her personal twist on it. So what can we expect from her next?!? In addition to starting her own record label called RegalRock Entertainment. She’s currently finishing up an album, with a single scheduled for release in mid-November, which we couldn’t be more hyped about!

You can find Sa’Rayah on The Voice here, and make sure to follow her Instagram, as well as her Facebook to get in on #SunRaySunday where she chats real talk with all of her followers.

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