Fast Fashion Season 5: Episode 1, Recording Artist Melo Makes Music

We’re kicking off season 5 with an independent musician named Carmelo, also known as Melo Makes Music! He is influenced by every genre that exists and creates *WARNING* highly addictive music that goes beyond the realm of hip-hop. Despite partying with him all night the night before our interview, he showed up ready to go, bringing his A-game to interview with us!

Melo starts off by tellingus where his “triple M’ed” name comes from (shouts out to Soundcloud). Calling himself a recording artist, he prefers to let go of any titles that hold him to one type of music “since there is so much that goes into making the song evolve.” He gave us some details on what it feels like being on stage, and how his nerves have since turned into pure adrenaline. Not only does he rap, but ladies, he SINGS too! At some point we did get a little serious for our industry heads and dove into Melo’s thoughts on the music industry. We talked about whether or not music is being dumbed down and if songs even have substance anymore. And as if he wasn’t amazing enough, we found out he has friends in high places. Melo shares with us what it was like collaborating with Taylor Bennet, AKA (Chance the Rapper’s brother,) and the entire process of what it was like making their song, Sleepless.

We had so much fun interviewing Melo, even though at times, he forgot who was actually being interviewed (lol). To keep up with MMM, follow him on Instagram, and check out his website so you can catch him on tour so you can vibe with him.

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