Fast Fashion Season 5: Episode 2, Artist & Creator Lauren Asta

Wow, do we have a treat for you guys today! Meet Lauren Asta: a traveling muralist and artist. We got the insight from this doodle dame on her inspiration behind her unique, rather mysterious, murals that make everyone stop and stare.

If there’s a clean white wall, Lauren’s painting it. You might be familiar with these insane murals on some of the buildings in Chicago, or in other cities like Berkeley, San Francisco, Memphis, and Huntington Beach, that Lauren has graced with her paintbrush. In our conversation with Lauren, she takes us back to the beginning of her career. She explains that she has been drawing for as long as she can remember, originally getting her education in photography in Northern California. Because she was hungry to feed her artistic passion after earning money after school outside of what she studied, she decided to move to New York in hopes of becoming a famous artist.  As Lauren walks us down her artistic journey to finding the version of the self she is today, she describes the process of soul searching and longing for her paintbrush and the next opportunity to paint and how the opportunity to paint her first mural came to be.

After spending time with Lauren, we are sure that she is the most glamorous homeless person we know (inside joke you will be in on once you check out this episode). Hit play now to find out who those mysterious characters are that seem to radiate through every mural Lauren does, and what’s coming up next for her. And this is all just the beginning, so make sure to follow her on Instagram, and check out her website to see more of her famous murals.

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