Fast Fashion Season 5: Episode 3, Event Planner Ciara Jibri

Get ready to kick back and laugh with one of the funniest, vibrant, and hardworking women in the event planning industry, Ciara Jibri. She’s a fashion publicist and event coordinator, as well as one of our good friends. We were so happy to sit down with Ciara to learn more about the platform she recently started, Haus of Mimosa, which is a bi-monthly networking social event to “simply connect people from all walks of life.”

Ciara is always on the scene. If there is an event, Ciara is there, and workin’ it. Born and raised in Chicago, we get a feel for how much passion Ciara has for her city. Attending Columbia, Ciara pursued a degree in fashion marketing and management. And as if it wasn’t cool enough that she has carved out the perfect space for herself in the fashion industry, she comes connected, as we learn the secret sauce. Hint: SHE GETS IT FROM HER MAMA! Like many of us, it took Ciara some time to figure out exactly what she wanted to do in fashion. We learned in this episode that it was being booked as a model that set the direction for not just where she is now, but where she described seeing her brand going in the next few years. If you are looking for that last bit of confidence to pursue a career in fashion or build your own brand, Ciara gives us advice on how to make that a reality, the types of people to surround yourself with and the kind of mindset you need to have- all while gushing over her man’s talent, who also happened to be in the studio during our interview to support his boo! Can you think of a better way to spend the next few minutes than listening to this conversation?!?

For tickets to Ciara’s next Haus of Mimosa event, click here, and make sure to look out for her fashion show, POISE, on April 15th!  Follow Ciara on Instagram, as well as H.O.Mso you can keep up with her and her crazy life!

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